CS1300-1/2 1/2″ Cylinderhead studs

302,50 incl. 21% btw


These studs are made from heat treated chrome moly steel, fully ground with rolled threads for maximum strength.They come with special machined twelve point nuts and washers designed to fit in the busa head with no modifications.

Who would need these studs? The guys that have had their cases redrilled and tapped 1/2-20 and find that they are stuck with having to use allen bolts.
Studs are the perfered fastener choice for high performance engines. Unlike a bolt, a stud uses all of the threads in the case, and it doesn’t have to be removed during disassembly which adds wear on the case threads. Studs don’t twist like bolts when being torqued down, so torque readings are more accurate. If you have had your cases tapped out thinking those big bolts were necessary, at least now you can use studs.

Comes with nuts and washers.


302,50 incl. 21% btw

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